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Monday, 3 March 2008

Starting Him Young!

Here are some really cute pictures of Dylan getting all messy and creative! These paints were supposedly finger paints but Dyl took handfuls of the stuff and just splodged it all over the place! I quite like messy play but the look on his daddy's face was a picture (if only I had a photo of that to show you!) Straight after these photos were taken it was into the bath to get cleaned up! It was nice to get him into a bit of creative play, I had hoped that he would be crafting with me by now but apart from sorting through my stamps and punches he just isn't interested. He is a proper boy into cars and spiderman and everything that his daddy likes! However, if he was into crafting I'm sure I would be on here moaning that he was using all of my best bits! You can never win and they always say that you always want what you can't have, and if you get it it's never as good as you anticipated... ooh, I'm getting all philosophical! I am just wondering whether or not I should stay up for the TSV tonight or go to bed. I know what it is and it's not really for me but I do like to stay up late when it's TSV day. The only problem is that we have new neighbours and they like Chinese takeaways, how do we know I hear you cry... well, because we have our light on at night (and they don't) the takeaway men always assume that it's us who want the takeaway and not the house they have been instructed to deliver it to! I have visions of chicken chow mein being forced on me at midnight (on second thoughts, maybe I will stay up tonight!!!)
Hugs, Becky xxx

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