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Tuesday, 4 March 2008


It's been such a stressful 2 days! I won't bore you with the details but it all revolves around being the only child that my mother can rely on and therefore having lots of pressure and problems put on my shoulders (which I don't really need at the moment!)

Anyway, to destress I have packed OH off with Dylan for a little time on my own having a moan on here, watching Dawn Bibby (still not spending any money) and eating chocolates! Bliss! I really don't like the TSV, I much prefer the 4 day deal on Create and Craft but I'm still not parting with any money! I did stay up for the TSV but ended up falling asleep and dragged myself off to bed at 12.45!

On a more brighter note I have won £50 on premium bonds which will go nicely towards paying off the bills and especially since the house seems to be packing up at the moment (boiler, heating, microwave!) Sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong so it's nice to have a little nice thing happen every now and then to cheer you up.

Must go now, all of my Black Magic choccies have gone and I'm feeling a little de-stressed now that I've hammered my frustrations out on the keyboard.

Take care, until next time xxx

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