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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mother's day

Hi All! Just a report on Mother's day tonight...

I got a gorgeous card and huge tatty teddy bear this morning, so cute!!! I don't bother with all the trimmings on mother's day so there was no breakfast in bed, lie in or meal cooked for me, I was at work 9- 4.30 but enjoyed the day all the same. My mum loved her tag book and asked if I'd bought it!!! She also read me a poem that my brother had wrote her. My brother is autistic but it spills out into his poetry and drawing and I only wish I had his talent, here is the poem

Bird in the tree
Who built the nest
You bought up
Your fledglings best

You cared for them
With just twigs
And what you found
In the everyday digs

You sheltered them
With your warm wing
Taught them how to live
To sing

Now you are bird
On the most high branch
And yours can
By themselves now dance

Bird in the tree
Now happily
Feel contented
Fly now free

I'll leave you with that, Happy Mother's day to one and all xxx


jenny said...

Gorgeous tag book and I love the poem too. x

Becky said...

Thanks for posting on my blog Jenny, I've just popped over to your blog and I love your card designs, they are fabby!!!

Wacky Jacky said...

What a talented brother you have - the poem is just lovely. btw love the tag book!! xx