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Thursday, 26 June 2008

No Crafting Today, But a New Friend!

Well, today I spent the morning playing with Dylan and the afternoon catching up with my friend, so no time to craft I'm afraid but hopefully I'm going to get some done tonight so I will have something to show tomorrow! Well, I would like to introduce you to William! I absolutely love teddies, I have done since I was a little girl and I've still not grown out of them now I'm a big girl! Anyone who likes teddies will tell you that some of them just have that certain look that says "please take me home!" and when I saw William he just made my heart melt!! He's also holding a fab pack of stamps which Rachel from OneFourZero sent me to work with! They are gorgeous butterflies and nature stamps, I love them!! I was talking weddings with my friend, she's just got engaged and I think I got her excited today talking about dressses and outfits for bridesmaids. I will be 31 when she gets married in 2010, I feel a bit old to be a bridesmaid but hey ho!!!
Well, better get on with the crafting! Hope you've all had a lovely day (we've had a wet one here in Staffs!)
Love Becky xx


Jill said...

your new teddy William is gorgeous, have fun with your new stamps Jill x

Sue said...

Awww Becky he is gorgeous, my daughter also called Becky who's 8 adores teddies too,best not show her William..she will want one just like him...lol well she has mountains of them in her room and she won't part with any, i say thats it no more but as soon as we see a really cute one...yup..we buy her it:-)

Have fun playing with your stamps,can't wait to see what you create:-)


kath said...

Wow I love William - you probably don't know but I collect teddy bears and my family room is full of them - so look out William I am coming to get you.

Supermum said...

Luvvvvvvvvv him - what a cute face!
Sounds like you've had a lovely time talking Weddings!
Sue. x

Kate T said...

Cute bear!!!

Kate T said...

Congratulations on becoming a DT member!

nessy said...

william is gorgeous ,give him a hug from me ~like you i love teddy bears and have been collecting for a few years now, luckly i also started collecting miniture designer bears, so take up very little space!!(only two wall units) ~ my craft stuff is taking over ,one may have to go soon!! what with lewis`s toys as well!!
vanessa xx
ps did you see my new bear on my blog on the 5th april ~the artist signed it for me!!