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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Oh Hello There!!

Hello there!!!

Wow it's been 2 whole years since I've posted on this blog!! I was looking through my blog the other night and thought why not come back to the world of blogging?? I'm sure I'll do a proper catch up post soon but for now here's a few things I've been enjoying...

Cardmaking (of course!!) ...it is my 1st crafting love!! x

 And thanks to my wonderful friend Arline (who introduced me to 'smashing') it's reignited my passion for scrapbooking... and you can't have a big pile of stuff on the floor without having a cat sat on it can you?? :-)

And I've done a 'little' bit of stash buying... this was a trip to Hobbycraft in the new year (again with Arline)... but to be honest I haven't bought ANYTHING this year... you could say I'm working through my stash at last!!

And April saw my sister's birthday and a little bit of gift wrapping madness lol! She did comment that they were too pretty to open :-)

Toodle pip until next time.. Happy crafting :-) 

Becky xx

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