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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Do any of your Kiddie Winkles Collect Mighty Beans??

Hi Everyone!!

Just a very random question for you all lol!!

Dylan has just started collecting Mighty Beans... he only has 15 and there are 100 to collect!!

Anyway, would you believe our luck... he had a pack of 3 today and they were all doubles!! He only has 15 for heavens sake ha ha!!

Anyway, I thought maybe someone else's kids may have doubles they'd like to swap??

The doubles are... 69. Space Monkey Bean, 62. Werewolf Bean and 13. Lion Bean

He already has the following 15... (the 3 above lol!!) and... 2. Boxer Bean, 11. Tiger Bean, 21. Grilled Bean, 29. X-ray Bean, 36. Fried Bean, 43. Bigfoot Bean, 52. Bomb Disposal Bean, 59. Rottweiler Bean, 61. Jekyll and Hyde Bean, 71. Praying Mantis Bean, 86. Unicorn Bean and 98 Canary Bean...

Please email me at rebeccaclews@aol.com if your kids would like to swap!! (I'm sure there will be loads more to swap in the coming months he he!!)

Thank in advance!! xx


Lisa Jane said...

Goodness me ...i am getting old .. I have neve heard of them lol -but hope Dylan manges to swap them for the ones he wants lol
Lisa ;)

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi becky, I have no idea what mighty beans are lol showing my age but I will ask the grandchildren to see if they have them will let you know ju x

Lisa said...

Hi Becky, I have never heard of them but hope Dylan manages to swap some. My son Jamie collects Top Gear cards and we seem to get lots of doubles (he gets a bit grumpy about it lol!).

Lisa x

Becky said...

Thanks Girls!! They're quite fun really, his dad bought him a pack this morning and one of them is called 'Snotty Bean' ha ha!! Guess what... it's his favourite!!