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Friday, 23 January 2009

A Really Fun Tag - Thanks Sandra!

I was tagged by Sandra and I thought it was a really fun one!! You have to retrieve the 6th photo from your 6th folder on your computer and post it on your blog. Sandra's photo was very yummy!! Mine is a cute one!! Let me introduce you to some of my furry friends!!
Here we have (from L-R) Darcy, Winnie and Albert. These little fellas are my 3 oldest teddies, I know Darcy and Winnie are 1950's Chiltern bears, I think Albert is a Chiltern too. Darcy's yellow dress is covering a very bald tummy and Winnie's head is a bit floppy (needs a bit of repair!!) And Albert has a funny wonky nose, that's why he's showing his best side!!
I took these photos to show to my friend Kate who is also a teddy fan!
If you'd like to take up the tag then post here and let me come see your photos!!
Love Becky xx


cats whiskers said...

Oh Becky these are so sweet, I too am a teddy lover can never have enough of them
big Hugs Jacqui x

Annie said...

aww, aren't the adorable, and well worn = well loved. hugs, annie x

Mimiko said...

They're soooo cute! Just adorable :)