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Thursday, 18 September 2008

You Guys Are Just the Best!!

Well, I've had a bad week crafting wise, completely lost my confidence, hate everything I make, can't remember what my 'style' is, you know, the dreaded time when your Mojo just ups and leaves you in tatters lol!! Only I've been cheered up today by your lovely comments, and I've been totally inspired whilst blog hopping tonight, I've got loads of ideas now!! And then to top it all I find out that I've won a gorgeous Whiff of Joy stamp from the amazing Mariska's blog candy and I've got an award from the gorgeous Jilli, I am now a super happy crafter!!

I've had this award before and think I passed it onto everyone, but I don't think you all picked it up tut tut!! So as I'm blog hopping I'm going to add names if I don't see it on your blogs cause the words are all so apt for all of you!

I choose: Bee, Sue (Supermum), Ruth (Weirdcat), Claire, Susie Sunshine, Jac, Mariska, Bubbles, Chrissie, Lyn, Maria, Ruth (CW), Crafty Lou, Mammy Arline, Arline, I'm going to choose more tomorrow, computer is so slow tonight it's painful!

Thanks so much for cheering me up!

Love Becky xx


crafting diva said...

Hi Becky congrats on both your award and you blog candy win, It's great to win something when your feeling a bit down had a little go at making my new heading but it's not going to well have to see how it goes I am not that good at this computer stuff!!!

Sue said...

Well done on your candy and award Becky.Always remember darl, if you ever feel down just look at your gorgeous little boy of yours and then a big smile will come to you.You know Becky you always inspire me when i come and visit your blog,you make the most amazing cards and you're a lovely ,kind & thoughtful person.So... i'm really pleased you're feeling better darl.Hugs to you :)


Natalie said...

Congratulations on the award and blog candy win. x

Cathy said...

Becky, congratulations on your candy win, looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I do like WOF stamps.
Glad you are feeling happier - at least you know you have a style ... me I'm a bit like Ellie and Beth, chuck it all on and cross my fingers!!!!!
Cathy xx

Jilli said...

Congratulations on winning the candy, you lucky devil you! I know its the end of the week, but its not finished yet and there could be more surprises to come! PMSL! Jillix

Alison said...

Well done on your candy. I know what you mean about being disheartened and losing your style. i've went through the same thing before. You visit so many blogs and see lots of ideas that sometimes we lose who we really are and as for you well that my fab friend is one very talented, kind hearted person keep that chin up!

Jac said...

Oh Becky! I'm so glad you are feeling brighter now I think we are our own worst critics! I love your creations and love visiting your blog to see what you have been up to, I'm still trying to brave getting my wires out and that is thanks to you and I am determined to do it and soon too! Keep the inspriation coming hunny. xx

Chrissie said...

Congratulations on picking up some more awards Becky, they are so well deserved as you're creations are truly fabulous. We all lose our mojo at times, thankfully it soon returns and I'm glad that yours appears to have done just that. I shall still blog hop even though I'm giving my blog a little rest but thank you for all your wonderful inspiration, kind words and encouragement my friend.

Rach said...

oh Becky!
i am so glad that you are feeling a little better, your cards are fantastic a true inspiration, i think sometimes we forget to enjoy what we do and get a little lost along the way..
Wow i wish i new what my style was to begin with...hahaha...
I love to come visiting.
big hugs to you...keep smiling.

Kath said...

congrats on the award Becky - you lost your mojo...don't make me laugh...your cards are always beautiful.gorgeous and so yummy.

Sue said...

awww thank you darl.remember keep smiling:)


CraftyC said...

Thank you so much for the award becky, much appreciated, will get it on my blog over weekend1

Sammi said...

congratulations Becky.. I am glad that you were cheered.. I think that your cards are always AWESOME!! I love your work girl!

Supermum said...

Thanks Becky, much appreciated. and thank you for the regular visits!! xx

Kylie...Perth, Western Australia said...

Ah your mojo will be back Becky I am sure. I have lost mine some times too. You create so many lovely things I believe you must wear him out and he goes off for a rest and comes back better than ever. Keep well...hope Dylan is still enjoying his wee smart car. Kylie