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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Thanks Cathy!

The lovely Cathy has given me this fabulous award! Thanks so much Cathy, it means a lot that you thought of me! I would like to pass it on to 3 of my fellow sisters Tracy, Tracie and Ev

Cathy has also tagged me, so here goes...

1. Ten years ago...

I met my OH! I was on the party scene, had a really busy social life and my liver was probably not thanking me for all the alcohol it was having to digest!!

2. Five things in today's 'To Do List'

Catch up on my blog-hopping

Make some thank you cards for my birthday (very late thank yous!)

Finish off an ATC for a challenge

Try to organise my craft stash a little better

Read a big pile of glossy magazines I bought the other day

(well, I did do all the housework today!)

3. Snacks I enjoy

I prefer small snacks to large meals so this could be anything and everything! Favourites are:

walkers Sensations Thai sweet chilli crisps

Toffee popcorn

Lindt red box chocolates (yum!)

fruitini fruit in fruit juice


4. Things I would do if I was a Millionaire

Buy my mum a sound-proof house!

Shop all day!

Treat all my friends and family

Buy a Mini Cooper for Dylan (to sit in!)

and of course... give a lot away to worthy causes

5. Places I have lived

Only Staffordshire, and I hope to live here forever! (unless I retire by the sea in North wales!)

If you fancy doing this tag then I tag you! Just let me know so I can come and see your answers!
Love Becky xx


Cathy said...

Would your mum's soundproofe house be in ... Sweden? lol!!!
Great facts
Cathy xx
PS Ellie says Dylan can come on her(?!) steam train anytime and have a Old Macdonalds as she calls them!!!

Becky said...

Ha ha! It's a date!! House in Sweden sounds very good!
Love Becky xx

Tracy said...

thanks for the award Becky you have made my day. Great answers to the questions :)

traciejane said...

Hi Becky, congrats on the award and thank you so much hun for passing it onto me. Its nice to get to know a little more about you :)x