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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

My Time to Craft and My Little Big Boy!!

Hi everyone!! This week has been a very busy one so far for me... more of that later... first here is my card for My Time to Craft this week where the theme is 'Snow Buddies' and this was a perfect opportunity to use this cute Pollycraft image from the Enchanted Noel collection...

And now onto my busy week... I can't quite believe it but this little baby...

Suddenly became this very grown up little boy...

I really cant believe how fast time flies...

Dylan has been a bit unsure this week... lots of tears when we get to nursery... but he was very excited when I picked him up yesterday and was showing me everything!

And me... well... I think I've been more stressed and upset than him! I've had an outbreak of eczema on my scalp and I swear I've lost a stone in stress lol! I think seeing him in his uniform just made me feel like my baby was flying the nest already... I'm sure it'll get easier in time!

I may be taking a short blogging break til things settle... but don't worry... I'll be back!!

Love Becky xx


LOUISE said...

Hi Becky, fab card, love the sweet image! Can't believe how fast kids grow up. Sorry to hear you are stressed. Don't take too long of a break, we will all miss you. Look after yourself, and lots of luv and hugs Lou x

Cathy said...

Awww bless, Dylan looks adorable in his uniform. Don't get stressed, children love school when they are there, and have a great way of making us feel guilty for leaving them to play and enjoy themselves all day!!!
Ellie is still a bit wobbly 3 weeks in, misses her mummy hugs she says. It will get better.
Big hugs
Cathy xx

Oh gorgeous card!

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Becky your card is lovely, so cute.
Babyhood doesn't last long , my son is 16 this year and when I see him off to school and kiss him he has to stoop, he's nearly 6 foot and I'm 5 3". janex

Chrissie said...

Gorgoeus card Becky and that little boy looks a bit like sweet Dylan doesn't he?
How grown up he looks in his uniform, bless him!
Take the time you need and come back when you're ready, we'll still be here!

Paula said...

Oh Becky!! I'm sending you a big hug, cos I think you need it!! I know exactly how you feel.... as soon as Callum went to nursery I cut my hours at work so I could spend more time with him when he was at home... and yep... I think there were more tears from me than him!!
it will get easier I promise!!
take it easy for a while, and let yourself adjust to things for a bit....
But like the others said... not too long eh?
BIG hugs!!
Paula xxxx

Jac said...

Great Card.
Dylan looks gorgeous in his uniform. It is scary how quick they grow up. I cant believe Ria is going to be 13 on Sunday it only seems such a short time ago that we bought our early 4lb 12oz bundle of joy home from the hospital and now she is a real miss independence who still needs a hug from her mum every now and again! Much love take care honey. xx

Paula said...

Oh and forgot to say...DOH!!... Dylan looks very grown up in his uniform... and wow look at his big blue eyes!! he'll be coming home by the end of the week telling you he's got a girlfriend!!

and your card is stunning!!

Paula xxx

Rose Petal said...

Hiya Becky. Please dont be stressed, it does get easier sweetie. You enjoy your time with Dylan as they do grow up so fast, but he will always need his mummy. Take a rest and I am sending you a hug.
Beautiful card as always.
Love Sandra x

Bubbles said...

Oh Becky hun don't get stressed and upset, they really are fine once they are left. I went through weeks of Hollie being upset at nursery and burst into tears myself in the classroom one morning. I promise you it does get easier. Dylan will get a little group of friends and then start looking forward to going. I sometimes don't get a kiss as Hollie's too busy! It'll be half term before you know it!
Dylan looks so sweet in his uniform, so grown up, and as Paula said those beautiful big blue eyes!!
You take good care of yourself, relax and don't let things get to you. You know we'll all be here when you return and know we are all here for you should you need us.
Joanne x

P.S. Just love the card, but heh that's nothing new!

Anonymous said...

I love this card Becky and Dylan looks very grown up in his uniform but don't worry, he'll soon settle at nursery and he'll still need his Mum for a long time to come.
Ann x

Melly said...

Aww huni, I guess they've all got to grow up sometime!!! But remember they will always need their mummy even when their 30 hee!! Love the card pet, take care xxx

debby4000 said...

Adorable card.
Dylan looks so grown up and as for all the stress trust me you never stop worrying. I worry all the time its just different things now their in their twenties.

SusieLou said...

Beautiful card - love the image! And it DOES get easier with time, although every now and then it dawns on you how big they're getting and you go through it all again!! Take care. Susie x

Mandy said...

Hi Becky, beautiful card hun. Dylan looks gorgeous in his uniform, I promise it does get easier my babies are 20 & 17 now but I remember so well how hard it is to leave them at school. He will make friends and enjoy school and you will find it so much easier when you know he's happy
hugs Mandy xx

Cheryl said...

oh hun great card as usall oh he looks so cute in his uniform bless him gosh remeber what that felt like think i cried for weeks take care love cheryl xxxxxxx

Jill said...

beautiful card Becky, aww Dylan looks so cute aww, it will get easier hun, Millie started full time school on 9th Sept and at first I hated her not being at home, I still miss her but you kind of get used to the peace and quite lol hugs Jill xx

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Beautiful card Becky!! Love that image and your coloring!! Your little boy looks like such a little man. So cute! It is hard to see them growing up. I have 2 girls, 7 and 10 now. I am a teacher and now am homeschooling them. My oldest did go to kind. at a Christian school and I did miss her. I did get used to it but later decided that homeschooling would work better for us. Less $, more individual attention, and less traveling.

Best wishes,

Emma said...

Hi Becky
Your card is gorgeous and Dylan is too. Hope things get easier for you.
Hugs Emma x

JessicaLynn said...

HAPPY CARD MAKING DAY!! I hope that you are having a great one and feeling creative. We have blog candy at my blog too! Come on in and take a look!

Have a great day!
Jessica Lynn

She said...

Great card. Dylan is really growing up now isn't he? You must be so proud of him. Take care, I'll try and be in touch soon. Love She xxxx

Shelly said...

Love your card Becky! Ah, your little boy looks so smart in his uniform! I'm sure it'll get better, he'll have so much to tell you now when he comes home from nursery.
Hugs Shelly x