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Monday, 26 May 2008

I've been Tagged!

My SBS Ev has tagged me, I now have to divulge 6 facts about myself, well...

1. I collect teddy bears, new and old, my oldest is a 1950's Chiltern bear who I call Darcy!

2. I have watched every episode of Big Brother since it started and can't wait until June 5th!

3. I love 'The Snowman' I have the DVD which I watch throuh the year (!) and usually get little nick-nacks for christmas like ornaments, soft toys and snow globes!

4. When I was little I found over 60 pips in a grapefruit and my mum wrote to the Guiness Book of Records. They said they had only had 2 other entries in the category (not enough for it to go in the book) but mine was the highest!!!

5. I was a keen table tennis player at juniour school. My greatest achievement was winning all my games in the county final and coming home with the trophy!!

6. Incase you hadn't noticed I have an addiction to rubber stamps and I've probably got well over 500 of them (mostly unmounted).

If you are reading this and fancy a go consider yourself tagged!

Love Becky xx


Cathy said...

Fab facts - how many stamps!!!!!?

Cathy xx

Joy said...

I've never counted my stamps other than I have over 50 Tilda/ Magnolias. I also love BB but not seen all of them xx

Supermum said...

Great - I love to read these Tags - nice to find out about people. 500 stamps - now that's impressive!
Sue. x

Sue said...

Great facts. Sure have a lot of stamps, lol. Wish I had that many. :) xx