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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I used to be good at drawing...

I've not drawn anything since I got my GCSE Art in 1995! I think it's about time I brushed up my skills, and judging from this picture I think I need to! I used to be really good at drawing but I know you get rusty when you've not drawn anything for a while. My own challenge is to post a hand drawn card at least once a week to chart my progress, I just hope that I don't get worse! I used to specialise in faces, whether they be human or animal. I was never any good at bodies or hands, I can do cartoon but they look like very tacky cartoons, I wish I could do cute but I'll leave that to the fantastic Magnolia/ Sugar Nellie designers!
Things can only get better! Becky xx

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crissi said...

good on you Becky lovely card