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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I've Succumbed!

After almost a month of not spending a penny on craft I have just spent £30 at Artymiss! It was essentials though, 200 card and envelopes and 300 card bags! They are to use up my stash though and as I always hear "you can't make cards without card stock!". I have 100 cards made up at the minute and I am hoping at some point to sell them for charity. I would like to sell them at Dylan's school when he starts, I remember the fairs we used to do when I was at school, we always did name the teddy and occasionally we would bake cakes too! I never make cards for a profit and wouldn't dream of thinking of crafting as a business venture. At work I earn almost £6 for an hours work whereas a card can take an hour to make and only sell for £1 (minus the cost of the card) so for me it's a hobby. Some people spend £500 a year on a season ticket to their favourite football team and don't get any cash box so I don't feel guilty that I don't get the money back (I only wish I could stop at £500 a year!!!)


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