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Thursday, 21 February 2008

It's been so long...

I haven't updated my blog for so long now, this is mainly due to the fact that we got a new lap top and I've yet to link anything up to it (i.e. scanner or photos!)

Well, I will just write for now until I get it up and running and can actually post some piccies of things I've been making!

My crafting at the moment is varying vastly. I had a few weeks of trying out the new crazes, bazzil card stock, prima flowers and lovely penny black stamps. But the last few days I have been organising all of my old stash into categories (girls, men, baby, celebrations etc) and I've been trying to use some stash up that I've had for ages. I've already made 20 cards for the Marie Curie cancer care and am hoping to make many more for charity this year.

As for family things are going well. Dylan is progressing day by day. We can't believe how fast he is picking things up and it's lovely that he's now started to join in conversations and to know just what he wants and when he wants it. He knows all of his alphabet and can count to 20, at the moment we are teaching him phonics (the sounds that letters make) and he knows a lot of these too so the next thing will be reading but there's no rush, he's only a baby still! I started introducing him to the toilet this last week. My mum had 5 of us and she didn't use a potty with any of us so I've taken her advice and taken him to the toilet with me and he is now sitting on his little seat on the toilet (but no weeing as yet!)

Anyway, hope you are well and enjoying whatever it is you are doing xxx

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